Catching Exceptions Episode 0: Me

Season one is officially done, and anyone who thought I would start an enumeration from one, must be mental. 

So I created this episode over March/April of last year as a proof of concept to see if I could actually make the crazy idea I had been tossing around into a reality. After it was done, I knew it wasn't very polished but I felt like I was onto something. I didn't see value in myself being the pilot episode guest but if I did a decent job with the series I knew I could juxtapose the evolution of the series over time. Showing, what I think is most important in any endeavor; growth.

Every time I find myself charting deep into unknown territory I expect to struggle. Learning always begins with my desire to accomplish something followed by my need to know how. This is why my approach often seems obtuse. My ambition leads, learning is just a byproduct. The experience is what I live for. 

This time proved no different. When I started I had a single camera, microphone and a wild sense of what could be and I was immediately confronted with numerous challenges. Success is really about your ability to learn on the fly. Here's just a few of the things I learned:

Lesson 1: you need two cameras and mics (at least) to properly film an interview. 

Lesson 2: editing really is magic but even magic has its limits

Lesson 3: preparing your guest is extremely important

Lesson 4: practice doesn't make perfect but you will steadily improve

Lesson 5: bring backup batteries. lots and lots of batteries

Lesson 6: taking risks is most of what makes something interesting

Lesson 7: filming on private property may get you kicked out (but not always!)

At this point there's still a lot I have to learn about audio, lighting and conversational interviews but I get a lot of satisfaction out of building something new and meeting new people. The process of refining my skills and voice and reaching out into the world is deeply personal and extremely powerful. It's not that I ever expected it to be perfect or even hugely popular, but I definitely wanted to put up my best effort and enjoy the ride. It was also tremendous fun. Easily one of my greatest adventures. Of course the hard part now is keeping it going and finding the time (I'm soon to be a father) to continue doing the needful.