(originally posted on LinkedIn)

I've been working on a YouTube series to bring to light the often hidden stories of software developers; who they are and what makes them tick. 

Working in technology gives me access to a world that is obscured by obtuse jargon and complex concepts. It's can be very difficult to reach a broad audience when nearly everything of interest serves only a select niche. I'm a storyteller at heart with a very narrow opening with which to ply my craft. I'm constantly faced with the challenge of writing articles that need to be keyword rich for SEO but still contain passion and personality to differentiate my voice among the cacophony of content.  

My personal blog began as a very technical exercise but over time and with experience my individual voice began to develop and with it a desire to become more personal. I still want to write about what I know best: software development, but I also want it to be interesting to more than just machines (or the people or maintain those machines).

After a period of soul searching I realized that one rich resource available to me is the wide band of passionate people I have had the pleasure of knowing and the deeply interesting stories that brought them into their careers. With that, I'm attempting to showcase the humanity behind the intangible interfaces. 

The series is called "Catching Exceptions" and is (or should be) a very short, easily watchable series of interviews with software slingers, devious developers and enterprising engineers!

If you've ever wanted to know how developers get their start, stay passionate and most importantly what they want to share with you, check it out. For me it's a labor of love but I'm hoping you'll just think it's fun.