Season 1 wrap up

So I'm staring at a folder of all of the remaining film for season 1. I filmed six episodes while in SUGCON New Orleans which will round it all out for the year. The episode with Martin Davies was actually the first in that set. The remaining episodes are with: Anders Laub, Michael West, Kam Figy and Kern Nightingale. The season finale is actually a surprise so wait for that. In total it's 23 episodes. Plus a bloopers episode, so make that 24.

I can't believe I've actually filmed that much in a single year or traveled as much as I have. It's certainly going to be hard to beat but I've already started filming Season 2. The format is changing so it's more conversational and I'll hopefully be a lot less focused on filming and pay more attention to the guest. Learning about where they've come from is really just the start. 

I'm still working on some other ideas for what direction to take things. I'd like to showcase more events but not sure how to frame the story. I could possibly host a panel discussing interesting topics. It would be less traveling and a more formal intro but I'd need some actual staff. I'll probably just keep going with the interviews and dabble until I hit on something that works.  

So far what I've got has been better than I'd hoped and I personally have loved the experience of traveling and meeting everyone. I learned a lot about what drives people to choose this field and to be honest I never knew about most of the computers everyone grew up with. In retrospect, I'm not really much different from the people I've met though. I really love learning new things and the ever changing landscape we work in.

So stay tuned. I've got some great characters coming up and the season ending is more of a formality to allow myself the simple pleasure of saying I completed some small goal but the show has only just begun.