Sitecore Symposium 2017: Get to know your Speakers

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We've got just over a week to go before Sitecore Symposium kicks off in Las Vegas. For anyone attending who may be blissfully unaware of how much preparation goes into giving a talk, you should know, it's a considerable amount of research, development, organization and public speaking skills. The really good ones make it look easy and there's a lot of them (good ones) speaking this year.

To give a shout out to those dedicated individuals that are presenting and to help you learn a little more them, here's a few links (in no particular order) to interviews for you to sit back enjoy and get ready for another epic Sitecore adventure. 

Amanda Shiga - What can be measured can be improved: the Sitecore Edition

Todd Mitchell - How the new XPF Service APIs power your mission to create amazing customer experiences

Kam Figy - Effective DevOps for Sitecore

Dan Solovay - Implementing Sitecore Solutions with Helix

Nick Wesselman - New features for front-end developers

Pieter Brinkman - Exciting product updates

Pavel Veller - Sitecore & Internet of Things

Alex Shyba - exciting technologies to get to nirvana

Jason Wilkerson - Sitecore & Internet of Things

Vasiliy Fomichev - Sitecore Commerce with The Mayo Clinic

Nabil Orfali - Making Sitecore the World's first VR-Enabled Enterprise WCM

Rick Cabral - Stop Assuming: Using SXA and Sitecore Optimization Features for Pre-and-Post Launch Testing to Prove You Know Your Users