Sitecore Symposium 2017: Las Vegas


 This time of year is always exciting because of the run up to Sitecore Symposium conference which is of course the big Sitecore event of the year. So while I'm releasing interviews from the last few months (currently from SUGCON EU) and preparing to present at Symposium (Sitecore Cognitive Services!), I'm also pulling together a list of people that I'm hoping to interview while I'm there and starting to figure out how to fit all that I need to do in just a few short days. The logistics of shipping all the equipment I've collected is becoming quite complex but making sure I'm ready to create some captivating episodes is paramount.

To continue to improve the quality of each episode, I try to incorporate as many interesting facets of the locale that I can, from powerful musical performances to captivating aerial footage, down to the tidbits of on the street shots. I spend at least a few days just tracking the city in Google maps just to get an idea of where to go, interesting architecture and where the best people watching is. 

Along with the content of the video is the mechanics of the show itself. I've dramatically improved my capture quality with some upgrades to the mics, camera and lenses. I've got lights now. I'm also really trying to make sure that my skill level with the equipment has improved as well as my editing and storytelling. Nothing ruins a great shot like poor color or misaligned audio. And really bad lighting.... :/

Usually I try to get a few interviews and one long episode covering the event itself but this year I'm starting to pivot. I'm going to keep focusing on interviews but swap in a roundtable discussion. I feel like I need to focus more on the conversations around technology instead of the event itself. These events are a rare opportunity for me so I try to take advantage of them to meet new people and still provide a lot of value for you, my audience. I've also been making a conscious effort to interview more women, which can be difficult because there's just not as many but I want to at least get their perspective. It's really valuable to have diversity of thought and experience and that is really what I hope you take away from this series. It's a really big world out there and i don't want to miss any of it.