sugcon europe 2016 visitors2

Great news! This year I'll be attending Sitecore's User Group Conference (SUGCON) this year in Berlin as a speaker. Along with presenting some great new tech I will be filming several episodes and trying out a few new ideas with a special emphasis on women in technology.

Although technology tends to lean heavily toward men by the numbers, I've been trying to highlight women as often as possible because, well, they're talented and insightful, but also because they offer a perspective that deserves more attention than they are currently receiving.

I'll be filming a few of my regular one-on-one personal interviews, one topic segment (a new format this year), and two round table discussions. One of the round tables will be entirely with women and the topic will be chosen by them. I'm excited not only because I think there will be a great discussion but more importantly because of the positive energy I've gotten so far from everyone I've spoken to about it.

I hope it's obvious that this series is all about sharing new ideas whether it be from people in different countries, cultures or genders. I really just hope to stir discussion and start great conversations. After all, that's really what a user group is all about. 

Can't wait to see you there and prepare for a great show!