Through the looking glass

Aliceroom3Filming this series has been of incalculable value for me. As I look back and disassemble what I've experienced and finding patterns in some answers and such wide variation in others, I find I've learned so much more than I expected.

Part of the motivation for stepping through the lens, into another world was to understand the culture of the people who work mostly in the abstract. A practically imaginary world where the concept of 'rubber meeting the road' is realized by copying optimized electrons, that represent conceptual paradigms, to sometimes unknown physical locations. Acronyms and portmanteaus abound.

An overwhelming theme that struck me was the passion for curiosity and an ever changing chessboard from which to learn and explore. I guess there's really no other way to thrive in a field that changes so frequently and so completely, unless the idea of discovering and utilizing the unknown is addicting.

Another obvious similarity was the history with gaming. It was such an important factor in luring them into the abyss of what is possible with technology. Allowing the young minds to explore pure creativity in each vast digital matrix. Battling monsters, solving puzzles and imagining how much more than just a tool a computer can be. The effect of which is clearly present in the promotion of software they then developed. 

What really was satisfying to know was the variety of background everyone had. Some from small quiet places, others from bustling cities but many had histories in art or other creative endeavors. I myself was a glass-blower and ran a t-shirt printing company for about four years. In this case though, I think there is a bias given that all interviewees were web developers. Web applications by nature are used in such a different way than other software that a skillful utility with design is a huge asset.

As a note, I myself also being an immensely curious type, was struck by the number of references to so many devices existed that I had never heard of before. Each with their own history. Bits and pieces of which I learned about as I followed up on during editing. It's like finding new books in a series you loved. Each story flooding my nucleus accumbens with dopamine.

And As I look forward to how I plan to instantiate new episodes, the new knowledge I've gained will help guide me to more thoughtful questions and better follow up. Looking to learn and share more about the fantastical virtual world as it's diameter surely accelerates. Filling with mad hatters, cheshire cats and purturbed monarchs.

Remember, you are, as you journey.